During a stay at City Cats each guest can expect:

  • Premium Quality Food. (Royal Canin Range) as well as canned/sachet options (Menu upgrades available, please enquire).

  • A spacious bedroom with sleeping perch and hammock.   The bedrooms are spacious enough for two cats from the same family. 

  • A complimentary welcome gift in their bedroom with a toy and treats.

  • Much love, pampering and playtime.

Single Bedroom

Large enough for an adult cat with sleeping perch, hammock and plenty of space to stretch out.  

$22 per day per cat 

Double Bedroom

Twice the size! Large and spacious double level bedroom.  Equipped with all the luxuries of a single room. 

$35 per day one cat (off peak) subject to availability

$44 per day one cat (peak) subject to availability

$44 per day (two cats same family)

Triple Bedroom

Large three level floor to ceiling bedroom.  Really spoil your cat with more space you can shake a mouse at!  Great for the cat that doesn't tolerate others or to really offer your cat luxury.

$55 per day one cat (off peak) subject to availability

$66 per day one cat (peak) subject to availability

$66 per day (two to three cats same family)

Ready to Book with us?

Package 1 - Relax & Unwind

Our bedtime relax and unwind package is just what your cat needs to relax and settle for bedtime

Either a Massage or Reiki Session followed by bedtime treats - A purrfect way to end the day.

$20 per day

Package 2 - Enrichment

A one-on-one day time enrichment activity of choice. Great for helping your cat to settle, perfect for elderly guests who may enjoy lounging on laps or extra entertainment for the more active guests.

Playtime, Cuddles, Treats

$10 per ten minutes, maximum of thirty minutes each enrichment time

Package 3 - Grooming

We have mini or full grooming options available for your cat.

Mini Groom $30 (takes around 30 minutes)

Time spent brushing, washing eyes and ears and a massage. Finished with treats and kitty perfume.  

Full Groom from $125 depending on service required.

Carried out off premises, a short two minute drive down the road to an experienced and loving cat groomer. Great for the longhaired breeds that may need de-matting or shaving.

Coming soon - Luxury Suites & Menu upgrades

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